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David Hoffos

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January 12th, 2011

hoffos barnett newman4 317x400 David Hoffos

David Hoffos has rocked my video installation world.

Currently holding an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) in Toronto, I push anyone who’s anyone (aka, those interested in art, especially in the video spectrum of things) to go and check his work out. It will take you ten minutes, and your mind will be blown!

If you’ve ever watched The Borrowers or The Indian in the Cupboard, you might understand my tinkering fascination for shrunken people. This is it!! Kind of…

David Hoffos has created these incredibly intricate diorama’s of various settings… hotel rooms, forests, towns, houses, kitchens, etc. These diorama’s themselves could easily be the display alone. Some of them must’ve taken AGES to complete. However, it does not stop here. Hoffos makes the settings come to life with the reflection of video footage.

On a TV, walking around in a completely black background, are people going about their daily and uninteresting lives, but due to the dark nature of the exhibition and the black screen, the image of the person is clearly and distinctively reflected in the glass covering the diorama. SO IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A LITTLE MINIATURE PERSON WALKING AROUND IN THE FAKE HOTEL ROOM!!!

Mind my enthusiasm. But go check it out. Seriously.