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David Despeau and the Popping Juju

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February 9th, 2010

David Despau Illustrations 14 540x570 David Despeau and the Popping JujuIt’s got this street alley-brick wall feel to it. Something you’ve sorta seen before but different somehow. In a good way. It’s got this Rock-N-Rolla opening credits juju working for it. Except. With something more urban. Or inner city. I don’t really know what those things mean. Anyway.

David Despeau might have some craze obsession with the media. But I don’t think it matters. Besides. He does other stuff you know. His drawings. Or illustrations. Or whatever the proper term is. The images. I guess. Have this very fluid character. And the colours. Though seeming done before. Are still calm inspiring as well as almost naturally derived. Maybe I’m a douche. I definitely never know what I’m talking about. But I like this. And I think you should too.

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