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Circulus Hydrogen Concept

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October 11th, 2009

circulus 1 w4TpD 69 Circulus Hydrogen ConceptWith every concept I see, I get more and more excited about the future of transportation.  This is one of the most intelligent green vehicles I have yet to come across.  Designed by Santosh Chawla of San Francisco, the Circulus is a Hydrogen-Powered car designed to trek every terrain possible, whether it’s snow-packed back roads, sandy dunes, death curved goat trails, or congested city commuting, this pod can handle it.  More specs… The Circulus runs on a hydrogen power plant hidden in the rear.  The engine operates with an intelligence systems that recognizes every movement.  The three wheel design and omni-directional front wheel give the sphere unbelievable maneuverability, capable of turning on a dime.  Which is one of the key elements that lead to the Circulus’s creation, to create a car that people can easily maneuver.

circulus 3 cv9RZ 69 400x400 Circulus Hydrogen Concept

Aside from it’s great handling and cool looks, the sphere is also made of several green components.  The side panels are made from recycled plastics, mechanical parts are aluminum, and the seats are polyurethane.  The chassis head protections are metal.  The Circulus is easy to produce, and because of unique features like the panoramic shield allow for continuous contact with the surrounding environment.

via Flylyf

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