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Charlie le Mindu: Hair Master

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June 9th, 2009

charlie le mindu 3 721x1024 281x400 Charlie le Mindu: Hair Master

With an apparently imminent swine flu epidemic, it would appear that fashion has decided to accessorize the face mask. However, this artist is not a fashion clothing designer, Charlie le Mindu is a hair designer.

Charlie le Mindu is a Hair Master!

Le Mindu’s focus is hair. In every one of his photo shoots, the models are exhibiting some copious amounts of hair…and it is not always on their heads! Wearing hair as clothing has has become fashionable in le Mindu’s work.

Although I don’t think the idea of wearing human hair will be a huge hit with the general public, displying his hair styles through fashion is a great move on le Mindu’s part.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have le Mindu play with my hair! Creating a cutting-edge look is this East Londoner’s distinguishing feature and you will probably see his hair styles on runways across the world.

Off to the salon,

The Quibbler

via CyanaTrendland

  • DangerMike

    Interesting! I’d love to have him make my hair awesome… if only I had hair! Haha, I do like his artistic approach though.