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Scott Harris digities Eye of the Tiger with his iPad(s)

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August 12th, 2010

Screen shot 2010 08 13 at 12.17.23 AM 585x327 Scott Harris digities Eye of the Tiger with his iPad(s)

Imagine its 2020 and you are going to a concert of your most favorite band. You’ve waited to see these guys for months and now the moment is here, the band comes out and they are all holding… iPads. Sounds like nightmare doesn’t it? Not entirely, but god forbid you doubt that such a thing is possible, just take a look at the video after the break. Scott Harris ( no relation to Steve Harris of Iron Maiden ) is making that future a reality with his remake of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. [ Continue Reading ]

FLOX – The Words

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August 2nd, 2010

Screen shot 2010 08 02 at 1.00.36 AM 585x286 FLOX   The WordsInteresting artist hailing from England that goes by the name of FLOX who you need to check out. Being a drummer as a musician and very much influenced by reggae roots, FLOX has managed to blend reggae, rock and electro in a very personal way. It seems like he is heavily influenced by The Police, The Streets and Marley. However he does throw his own thing into the mix and the result is of my liking. Watch his video after the break…
[ Continue Reading ]

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin Video ( You better stay where you are! )

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July 30th, 2010

Screen shot 2010 07 30 at 1.32.13 AM 585x315 Dancing Pigeons   Ritalin Video ( You better stay where you are! )

If you’re into creepy characters and a very simple concept, then you’re going to love this video. I think this is becoming some kind of a trend, more and more I see bands release videos which are extremely simple in concept and are mostly in slow motion. It’s different, not as unique anymore but still fairly potent. [ Continue Reading ]

Spa and the Magic of Movement

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July 27th, 2010

thumbs SPA z juodulys Spa and the Magic of Movement

SPA is a soothing, inspiring flow of colours and movement by, 3D animator and visual effects artist. Looking through the artist’s beautifully rendered website, I’m taken with everything from the backdrop pattern to the pieces themselves. [ Continue Reading ]

Visual Stimulation via Plastikman

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July 8th, 2010

Richie Hawtin Plastikman 585x390 Visual Stimulation via PlastikmanWho is Plastikman? Plastikman is the main recording identity for Canadian DJ/VJ Richie Hawtin. I honestly have never heard of him but apparently you don’t need to, instead to need to see him, live. Check out the video after the break that showcases the visuals at his tour, they’re simply amazing, so much so that I definitely want to look out for him when he comes to NYC. [ Continue Reading ]

Iphone Music Phone

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June 14th, 2010

Screen shot 2010 06 14 at 1.36.33 AM 585x298 Iphone Music Phone

There really isn’t much to say about this. It’s just a music video that uses the Iphone and it’s many many capabilities as the theme. [ Continue Reading ]

Michael Shapcott will teach you how to be awesome

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June 14th, 2010

Wail AO2 265x400 Michael Shapcott will teach you how to be awesomeMichael Shapcott is a 28-year-old painter from Connecticut whose palettes and portraits are inspired by music and different cultures. His gallery features several portfolios (I like onawa and blue truth the best) and his work is featured in exhibitions on both the east and west coasts. He currently has no scheduled exhibitions (his “The Beginning of the End” in San Fransisco ended last week), but subscribing to his RSS Feed is easy and a good way to hear about any upcoming shows. Several original pieces are currently for sale. [ Continue Reading ]

Magicians of Light and Sound

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May 3rd, 2010

euphorie 585x327 Magicians of Light and Sound

When I saw this video still from Euphorie, an audio visual show performed in Paris by François Wunschel and Fernando Favier, I sort of expected two Jedi performers battling it out to music.  Actually, it’s much cooler than that. [ Continue Reading ]

“Pillows (Good Feeling)”

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April 23rd, 2010

Screen shot 2010 04 23 at 12.48.27 AM 585x326 Pillows (Good Feeling)If you’re a girl pillow fighting might make you think of the days when you’re friends would come over for a PJ party. If you’re a boy, then pillow fight will probably make you think of girls in their undies playing together in a bed. Well in this case the pillow fight was an event. [ Continue Reading ]

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