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Existence of Light

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November 5th, 2009

suimmy 051 585x390 Existence of Light

When I think NEON, I think bad 80s; headbands, socks, jelly shoes, jelly bracelets, and Hyper T-shirts.  But Japanese painter, Que Houxo, adds depth to his NEON paintings.

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Introducing the BRAMMO Enertia Electric Motorcycle

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November 5th, 2009

122 0801 01 z+future rides+brammo enertia motorcycle 533x400 Introducing the BRAMMO Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Now I have never rode on a motorcycle.  Scratch that.  I have never even sat on one in a stand still position, so forget me ever having pondered about feeling the overpowering rumble between my thighs.  They have always intimidated me.  However, with this bad boy I might consider hopping on board. [ Continue Reading ]

Maze of Glass..

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November 3rd, 2009

Making of 2 533x400 Maze of Glass..

A creation of fantastical porportions can be the only way to describe artist’s Ayala Serfaty glass interpretation of the essence of nature in its most abstract form. Along with photographer Albi Serafty, Ayala Serfaty created the studio Aqua Creations in 1992 which seeks to develop and produce furnishing and lighting items through an artistic approach. It is in the comfort of her studio, whose headquarters are located in Tel Aviv and, as a result of her studio’s success, a showroom that is located in New York,  that she has managed to create these almost underwater like glass reefs which evoke in its beholder a childish, awe-eyed amazement resulting in serenity and a peaceful deafness. [ Continue Reading ]

Ik hou van je, Nederlands.

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November 1st, 2009

ellenkooi4 400x400 Ik hou van je, Nederlands.

I’ve never been to the Netherlands, but if Ellen Kooi‘s photography is any indication, the place and the people who live there possess a unique and eclectic magic[ Continue Reading ]

Crazy Cool Graffiti

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October 28th, 2009

Belin 1 334x400 Crazy Cool GraffitiWe’ve all encountered unfortunately ugly instances of graffiti. From Los Angeles to New York City, it’s a problem that can, and frequently does, occur in the oddest of places. Sometimes you even wonder how people get into these weird spaces. It’s gotta be hard to sneak in and out of places like the Subway, what with oncoming trains, puddles of fetid water, and armies of rodents. Errr…but that’s neither here nor there.

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Life in the Wasteland.

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October 25th, 2009

9fe6b701 anp 9664582 585x389 Life in the Wasteland.

More often than not we hear about world pollution without really getting to witness what the horror really looks like. If you haven’t thought twice about your carbon footprint and consumption take a look at these brutal photographs presented by GigaPica. See where your waste really goes and the effects it has on the health and welfare of poorer nations and the way it is truly destroying our natural resources. [ Continue Reading ]

Jerusalem’s Night Garden

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October 23rd, 2009

13july night garden jeru 585x335 Jerusalems Night Garden

Designers Gaston Zahr & Merav Eitan created the Night Garden for the “Light in Jerusalem Festival” at Gan Habonim, in Israel. Giant flowers constructed of steel and mesh open and close while changing color, music and scent completing the experience. The whole project is fueled by solar power, which makes it as inspirational as it is enchanting. It would be great if this came to the states, especially when things get snowy. [ Continue Reading ]

Right Place…

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October 19th, 2009

realPnT Right Place...

Right time!  I really feel like awesome pictures of animals in the wild are just a matter of Right place right time.  Like this one!  Have you seen this picture before?  It was sent to me through an email and was the most amusing thing of the week.  Can you guess the caption of this photo?

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2014 Incheon Main Stadium

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October 15th, 2009

1255038567 2014 incheon asian games stadium 02 medium 528x373 2014 Incheon Main StadiumThis is the winning design for a main stadium for the 17th Asian games in Incheon, South Korea.  The main event will take place in 2014 and the stadium will accommodate 70,000 people.  After the event, however, it will become [ Continue Reading ]

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