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He’s Troyt like a toiger

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August 18th, 2009

26 02 2009 0748046001235672434 troyt coburn 550x375 Hes Troyt like a toiger

Troyt Coburn is a great photographer. This may not be evident in all of the thumbnails below, as in my opinion they aren’t the greatest pictures ever, but the samples on his site tell a completely different story. Why then, you may wonder, did I post not-so-great pictures when there is a plethora of others a thousand times more pleasing to the eye? Because, dear friends, I have no idea how to save the pictures from his website and so I was limited in my quest to shove Troyt Coburn’s greatness in your face. [ Continue Reading ]

Yet another post about someone cooler than most of us

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August 17th, 2009

kelly thompson photography2 700x491 570x400 Yet another post about someone cooler than most of us

It’s because of people like Kelly Thompson that my life feels like it has no meaning. It’s your fault, Kelly! You make me feel like a useless piece of crap! Can someone at least create a website about me so I can feel a little cooler? The woman is only 26 years old and is already a successful photographer and illustrator. I’m 23,  have a shopping addiction, I read too much, and I’m seriously contemplating naming my kid ’Liquidation’ because that’s the one thing that makes me happy in this life. Ok, I’m exaggerating…but only about the liquidation part. I think ’One-Day Sale’ is a much better choice. [ Continue Reading ]

Campbell: Mmm Mmm Good

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August 13th, 2009

benedict campbell di jass 553x700 316x400 Campbell: Mmm Mmm Good

Benedict Campbell is a jack of all trades and he has undoubtedly become one of my favorite photographers.

[ Continue Reading ]

David Bellemère—NSFW

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August 10th, 2009

Picture 46 400x400 David Bellemère—NSFW

David Bellemère is a French photographer whose work has been featured in the likes of Italian Marie Claire, French Playboy, Flaunt and Vogue UK. Bellemère works with the predictably limited body types of long, lean fashion models, but he manages to use their twisty angularity to his advantage by placing them in perfectly staged settings that work with said models to create a complete image. [ Continue Reading ]

Plumbing 101, brought to you by Manuel Vason

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August 10th, 2009

manuel vason fabrik project3 600x760 315x400 Plumbing 101, brought to you by Manuel Vason

I realize I know hardly anything about art or photography (but I have a Canon SD1100…IN YOUR FACE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!), though I’ve decided that since I have one book on artistic photography (I’m not sure where it is, but I have one), I’ve named myself the leading authority on photography for the whole month of August. So, you know, if you have any questions or want me to comment on your photography, just leave me a comment. But you only have until August 31st, because then I become the leading authority on something else. [ Continue Reading ]

The sublime strokes of Magomed Dovjenko

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August 9th, 2009

16 585x384 The sublime strokes of Magomed Dovjenko

Magomed Dovjenko is looking for representation.  It says so on his site, where one may also find a fair sampling of his gritty, industrial, and marvellously fluid illustrations.  Spanning from graffitied back alleys to branded billboards and outwards into liquid shards and vaporous alchemy, this young Cologne-based artist [ Continue Reading ]

Scrabble Turns 60, I Still Can’t Spell

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August 8th, 2009
0 Scrabble Turns 60, I Still Cant Spell

Speaking of wacky commercials here is one for Scrabble ( i know, out of all the things ). Apparently Scrabble has turned 60 years old this year and even though its the most sold game ever,  they have been seeing a decrease in sales. That is why they have created these wacky commercials to appeal to a younger audience. Can’t say I am going to run out and buy Scrabble now, but I am writing about this, so I guess it is appealing to me… Damn it I will go buy it tomorrow, who am I kidding, Im such a sucker for these things. See the rest of the commercials after the break… [ Continue Reading ]

0 Scrabble Turns 60, I Still Cant Spell Speaking of wacky commercials here is ',description:'0 Scrabble Turns 60, I Still Cant Spell Speaking of wacky commercials here is '})">

Ay que lindo, Theresita!

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August 7th, 2009

therese aldgard photography 5 600x403 585x392 Ay que lindo, Theresita!

*sigh* I love colourful things. Every time I see colourful things I get all trembly and excited and I just have to go and wash my face and apply new makeup, or change outfit. Just to be colourful, too. Look, I’m not even writing in full clauses…I just committed fragment sin AND I DON’T EVEN CARE! I feel like a small dog right now, peeing and hopping around because it’s excited that its master is home.  I guess I’m a slave to colour, and Therese Aldgard has just become my master. RAWR! Are you getting a sexy feeling? [ Continue Reading ]

Staudinger-Franke Studio:”Awesome” Isn’t Nearly Enough

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August 1st, 2009

staudinger franke9 585x356 Staudinger Franke Studio:Awesome Isnt Nearly Enough

Staudinger+Franke is a photography studio that has amazed me time after time.  They are based in Viena, Austria and work with advert companies internationally.  As you can see, Heineken, LG, Panasonic, Juicy Fruit, and Ford, are a small spattering of some of the [ Continue Reading ]

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