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Cartoons for grown-ups. (No, that’s not an oxymoron thankyouverymuch).

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May 7th, 2009

3 sexdrugs 585x366 Cartoons for grown ups. (No, thats not an oxymoron thankyouverymuch).I think I just became one of Roman Muradov‘s biggest fans. The Russian native’s illustrations are a perfect combination of the wonderfully childish with an ironic adult humor that makes you laugh out loud.  I like how you can see his signature style in each piece, yet each individual work remains entirely unique from the next. There’s not such thing as repetition in his work. And, as he states best himself, “I’m color-blind and I see the world in a weird and beautiful way, so my coloring techniques are very unconventional.” Yes, indeed. Check out his website HERE.

  • GeniusJunky

    Reminds me a little of Art Speigelman (The guy who did Maus)