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Bunky Echo-Hawk

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September 13th, 2009

bunky2 316x400 Bunky Echo HawkBunky Echo-Hawk, or BunkHaus, is an amazing contemporary artist. While the lines and colors in his work are striking, the social commentary is equally engaging. The fusion of these elements simply cannot be found anywhere else.

His rendering of Barack Obama, or as he is also known, Barack Black Eagle, at the Democratic National Convention last summer raised BunkHaus to a new level of prominence. The Obama rendering is included here, along with some of the other works he has created over the years.

Beyond creating art, BunkHaus is seeking to maximize the social impact of his work. He is deeply involved with NVision, a movement  that is “committed to the development of Native youth leadership and traditional and contemporary expressions of art, culture, education, and media from a Native core and perspective. ” A most worthy goal, indeed.

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