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Buckethead visits New York City

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June 1st, 2009

buckethead1 585x390 Buckethead visits New York City

Over the weekend I got to see Buckethead do his thing at New York’s famous B.B.Kings. As a guitar player my self, I was waiting to see him perform for months. It was a sold out show, packed with people of various age groups. I only found out about Buckethead a few years ago when he was involved with Guns N Roses. There is no doubt that this guy is amazing on the guitar, but what is more fascinating is how weird he is. I guess just playing good guitar is not good enough in today’s music, being unique is what sells and let me tell you, he is one of a kind. 

2951647551 f5f5a77720 400x400 Buckethead visits New York City

The show started out with no bang, he just came out and did his thing. There was no band, the whole concert he played to a tape which had drums and bass already prerecorded. This actually disappointed me and made me feel ripped off considering that I paid $40 for a ticket to see him play to a tape. Let me correct my self, that actually pissed me off a lot, never did I pay $40 to see a dude noodle on his guitar to a tape, no matter how good he is. It just does not make sense, I have been to dozens of concerts of various guitar virtuosos and they always had a full band play with them, that is the whole point of a live concert. You are simply ripping off your fans when you go on stage playing to a tape, that is why lip singing is frowned upon!  

Besides the disappointment of him playing to a tape, the show was interesting to watch ( if you play guitar ). Sometime in the middle of the show he dropped the guitar and picked up nunchucks. At some point that seemed to be more entertaining than him playing to a tape.

Do I think he is amazing on the guitar? Yes. Do I think he is amazing as an entertainer? No. Will I go to his concert again? Probably not.

  • AdamK

    Interesting guy. It appears he genuinely is as weird as he seems to be. Sucks that he just jammed to backing tracks, you’d hope a guy as talented as him would find ace backing musicians so that he could stretch out and improvise a bit.

  • admin

    Yea, i mean he came on the stage, pressed a button and started playing. I was like WTF, i thought it was a joke or something, but its BBkings, fairly small, you cant hide a full band waiting to appear. In his defense he prolly did it like this to save him self the headache, but with tickets costing more than full band shows, it seemed a bit shady and greedy.

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  • Shelia

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  • sam walsh

    if buckethead is actually playing the guitar over the prerecorded tracks, then how is it worse than lipsyncing? you suck at reviews

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really understand your point, all i am saying is that if I am paying $40 to see an artist he better have a live band with him, not a tape… otherwise its a ripoff