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July 27th, 2009

French magazine Black Rainbow Extraordinaire (BKRW) released new summer lookbook for 2009, featuring SHKS fashion, about a month ago. To celebrate the release, photographer Albrecht Gerlach and Alta Media Productions released this video. Now that summer’s finally reached even the coldest darkest parts of the world, it’s time it got a few more hits…Upside, Vimeo high-def is great. Downside, my little powerbook had a bit of trouble with this one. One thing is for sure, it’s a slamming video. It’s a little 80′s, a little 3009… it’s got a lot going on. It’s a little pink lamé, it’s a little leopard print, and it’s a whole lotta big plastic shades. It’s the streets of Paris, and while I find it a little slow moving, and a little passé… Paris and pink lamé in the same sentence are hard to resist.

via Fubiz.

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