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Bixi puts the fun between your legs

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May 25th, 2009

bixi2 Bixi puts the fun between your legs

Walk around Central Montreal and you’ll notice a lot more cyclists than usual – and in Canada’s version of Amsterdam, that’s saying something.  Introducing Bixi, Montreal’s trendsetting public bicycle system.

Starting May 12, some 3000 bicycles will be available for public rental from 300 Bixi stations thickly scattered throughout Montreal’s core.  From the Old Port to Little Italy, the program is just the latest excuse for Montrealers to park their cars and put the fun between their legs.  Bike + Taxi = Bixi.

After an initial membership charge, any trip less than 30 minutes, Bixi’s free.  Check out the fee structure for more information.  The bikes are also equipped with trackers to deter thieves or losers (people who lose their bikes – c’mon!).  The 100% Made-In-Quebec initiative claimed 19th spot in Time Magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of 2008″ issue.  The stations take minutes to install and involve no excavation whatsoever – kind of makes you wonder why doesn’t your city have one…

via SNAP!.

  • jeec

    That’s a very misleading description of the fees. You need a membership to use the bikes – $5 for 24 hours, $28 for 30 days, $78 for the whole may to november season. THEN trips under thirty minutes are free, but each half hour after that gets more expensive, to discourage long trips.

  • Twain

    Thanks for correcting me jeec. I’ll include that info.

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