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Beautiful New Works From Artist Shannon Bonatakis-Or What I Like To Call…Emo Barbie

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March 17th, 2009

shannonbonatakis2 323x400 Beautiful New Works From Artist Shannon Bonatakis Or What I Like To Call...Emo Barbie

These stunning portraits are by Shannon Bonatakis. Her work is very stylized and emotionally charged, often inspired by her own personal and interpersonal experiences.  The subjects are very beautiful girls and the story of each is usually autobiographical, giving us a very candid look at a very vulnerable creator.  I love the elegance of each subject, their beauty reminds me  of Barbie and the Corpse Bride combined.  And that makes for one elegant hot mess.  Fierce!

  • moore gade

    oh this is good news. thanks for this cool post

  • lulzbear

    hi your works are stunning, i’ve never heard of this iste but judging by your works, this place is deviantart but with more talent :)
    stay cool