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Bauman gives witness to Motor City’s derelict beauty

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June 2nd, 2009

abandoned houses 08 Bauman gives witness to Motor Citys derelict beauty

You know we love the trends here at Artistic Things.  One of the less happy, but no less beautiful, is on full display in the photographs of Kevin Bauman

Downtown Detroit has been disintegrating for nearly two decades.  But it has served as inspiration for Bauman, who lives in the Motor City.  Particularly interested in the relationship between man and environment, his work effectively comments on the environment’s condition and how that indicates man in the equation.

This is not necessarily negative.  Indeed, these houses, by virtue of their solitude, gain a desperate stance, a not-entirely eroded dignity.  They might have something of their experience to share, a lesson such as the elders used to tell around the fire.  To replace them with functional habitats may prove necessary to rejuvenation, but to ignore them in the meantime is to disregard a crucial, if painful, and profound phase of a society’s natural cycle.

via SNAP!.

  • sirrah

    Wow. I’m not even from Detroit and this makes me sad.

    Every empty building has a story, but it appears we’ll never know them.

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