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Ballsy Russians Fart In Death’s Face

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March 5th, 2009

rope jumping russia 585x390 Ballsy Russians Fart In Deaths Face

Hello mom? Yes. Mom, I love you. Whats the matter son? Nothing mom, I just need you to know I love you. Son, what’s the matter, you are freaking me out? Oh nothing, me, Igor, Svetlana, Ivan, Vania, Yuri, Yelena, Evgenie, Natasha and Aleksey… We are going to rope jump a bridge together at the same time and hope we dont die. Oh great! Don’t be late for dinner!  So… Apparently there is a new sport in town that has been originated by our Russian friends, its called rope jumping, with 20 people at the same time or more. I think it’s cool, and if your head flies into Yuri’s heavy boot… Well consider it natural selection. See a video of this after the continuation…

0 Ballsy Russians Fart In Deaths Face

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