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After arriving in Montreal in January '08, I've spent the last year cooking, starting an herb garden, improving my french and taking a break from writing. I'm a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta in english and creative writing, with a bent towards poetry and fiction. One of my pieces of short fiction was published two springs ago in The Western Producer under the title "Dreams for Sale," and it deals with my childhood experience growing up on a farm north of Edmonton. In the future I hope to play frisbee, explore more of the content on Artistic Things, fix bicycles, continue my work with the Mankind Project, and go working on organic farms.

The Ondelios, by Renault

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November 28th, 2009

mgx renault car ondelios yatzer 4 585x367 The Ondelios, by Renault

From French automaker Renault comes the Ondelios, an efficient and high-end crossover.  Renault’s site says very little on what the Ondelios offers or when it hits the market, so for now I’ll just let these images do the talking [ Continue Reading ]

Ik hou van je, Nederlands.

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November 1st, 2009

ellenkooi4 400x400 Ik hou van je, Nederlands.

I’ve never been to the Netherlands, but if Ellen Kooi‘s photography is any indication, the place and the people who live there possess a unique and eclectic magic[ Continue Reading ]

Gersht fixes his gaze on flower galaxies

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October 25th, 2009

msg gerso 00010 300 376x400 Gersht fixes his gaze on flower galaxies

Tel Aviv’s Ori Gersht has put together numerous stunning collections of photography in his 15 year career.  Perhaps none moreso than “Blow Up,” his 2007 grouping of floral arrangements captured by super-high speed freeze frame photography as they are blown to botanical bits [ Continue Reading ]

“Mikel Glass | The Discarded”

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October 11th, 2009

1a artist in studio figure splash Mikel Glass | The Discarded

If you ask me, Mikel Glass is on fucking fire.  I know, I know, fat lot there is in saying it when I only give you one image to gawk at.  However, to prove me right, check out his site so as to see for yourself his awe-inspiring collection of work.  [ Continue Reading ]

High Cheekboned Confessions of a Lip-Fetishist

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October 4th, 2009

jamie nelson fashion photography 585x385 High Cheekboned Confessions of a Lip Fetishist

Jamie Nelson’s fashion photography presents a mechanical mixture of limp and languid pastel reciprocated by angular and surgical scenes in which one finds, trembling still and heavy with pause, constructions of fine art applied over female forms.  [ Continue Reading ]

Jeremy Geddes thinks something’s wrong with his liver…

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September 19th, 2009

jeremy geddes 6 282x400 Jeremy Geddes thinks somethings wrong with his liver...

In Jeremy Geddes’ case, self-reflection is left to the unconscious, to manifest as it will on the canvas.  No, the Brooklyn painter’s process more closely resembles a vigorous self-examination, which I imagine going something like: [ Continue Reading ]

Louie lends make-believe a Victorian touch

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September 6th, 2009

837766109 6cffc61581 283x400 Louie lends make believe a Victorian touch

Some of you Les Claypool fans out there might recognize this character, known as Candletop Hastings, from the renowned bassist’s press kit.  For others, this may very well be your first exposure to Queens, New York’s Travis Louie. [ Continue Reading ]

The sublime strokes of Magomed Dovjenko

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August 9th, 2009

16 585x384 The sublime strokes of Magomed Dovjenko

Magomed Dovjenko is looking for representation.  It says so on his site, where one may also find a fair sampling of his gritty, industrial, and marvellously fluid illustrations.  Spanning from graffitied back alleys to branded billboards and outwards into liquid shards and vaporous alchemy, this young Cologne-based artist [ Continue Reading ]

The shape of this moment is Spiral

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July 4th, 2009

spiral studio 5 400x400 The shape of this moment is Spiral

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Love is recognizing the duality in all.”  This maxim is demonstrated brilliantly by UK-based photographer and illustrator Spiral, whose images enchant and ensare the viewer in the conflict between the innocent and the depraved, the virtuous and the fallen, the sacred and the profane.

While the dichotomy might come across as old hat in less profound work, Spiral delves recklessly into the alchemy of moment and narrative [ Continue Reading ]

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