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I live in Chicago with my family, and I enjoy baseball, coffee, travel, writing, reading, and blogging.

The story of Apenest -Cody Hoyt & Brian Willmont

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March 8th, 2009

29 585x347 The story of Apenest  Cody Hoyt & Brian WillmontAs anyone who has had to look for a job knows, it’s much better to be sorting through the resume pile than to be one of the resumes in the pile. So it was for Cody Hoyt and Brian Willmont. As art students, they were looking for a way to get themselves noticed. So they  selected artists they liked, got each of them to donate one of their pieces, and assembled a substantive art portfolio of their own. This portfolio was sold to a private collector, and the proceeds financed the publication of the works as Apenest. Two editions have been printed so far, and a third is in the works. With an innovative business model like this, the third one probably won’t be the last.

The Worlds we Build for Love

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March 6th, 2009

If you ever saw Tom Cruise in Minority Report, you have  some idea of how this story begins. The main character-I will call him Rick, but you can use whatever name you like-touches his hands together and draws on his palm to create a charming holographic village for his beloved. In the space of an hour, he creates architecture, trees, and one solitary daisy to make Ilsa happy. Ilsa delights in the images, content to have such a picturesque setting all to herself. I don’t want to play the spoiler, but Ilsa’s wardrobe is worth noting. [ Continue Reading ]

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Introducing… Sirrah

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March 5th, 2009

Hi everyone,
Unless you’ve read Shakespeare’s plays, you probably haven’t seen the word “sirrah” before. It’s obsolete now, but it used to be a derogatory way of referring to somebody. Something like “Bring us some drinks, sirrah, and make it snappy.”  Not that I could ever look down on anyone who brings me drinks.
Plucking an insulting word off the linguistic scrap heap and making it my own just felt right to me.  I hope to be your sirrah, now and always.
Happy reading!

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