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de Ocampo
Born and raised in Northern Virginia. High School in DC. College at the University of Michigan Lived in Maui for a while. And i live and love NYC i'm a gianormous dork who smiles and sings a lot. Performance is my passion and I try to look at all things in an artistic way. I can be wild but really i'm just a simple girl...who's extremely loud and in your face =)

Create Your Own Floating BookShelves

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October 7th, 2009

27169720 Create Your Own Floating BookShelves

So I have a rather vertical home.  And I thought a way to make my meager apartment look larger was to get rid of all the shelving units I had and put the books on the walls…but in a stylish way.  While looking around on tumblr I found ! really like invisible bookshelves. Like the ones above.

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Coffee Art

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October 6th, 2009

tumblr kqcwh5ECdM1qa3b1eo1 400 Coffee Art

Good Morning!  If you frequent fun coffee places than you’ve probably seen some art in your coffee.  The only ones I’ve seen myself are ferns and layered hearts.  I don’t get much opportunity to see art in my coffee since 95% of the time I make it myself or I just go to my trusty Dunkin’ Donuts.  (great coffee!)  But I’ve discovered this great website (while on tumblr) that showcases coffee art.

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Thoughts after re-reading HP and the Deathly Hallows in relation to Twilight and Buffy

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October 1st, 2009

Buffy vs  Twilight   1 by Jarjarrr 351x400 Thoughts after re reading HP and the Deathly Hallows in relation to Twilight and BuffyThese pictures are from  The artist’s sn is Jarjarr and his name is Jordan.  He’s no Michelangelo but he’s clever and funny and can make you think.  And isn’t that what art is really about? [ Continue Reading ]

aLoha everyone! welcome to my brain :D

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September 14th, 2009

aLoha again!

My name is Rica.  Nice to meet you.  :D  Just a short rather obvious history about my username, “Rica” is a nick name and, “Veeka” is a variation of that nickname.

Isn’t it odd that nick names beget new nick names that become longer than that original nick name?  Or better yet when people’s nick name are BOTH their first and last name.  Like my best friend.  (but i wont give out his name here)  but for example, a name like Michael Saltzman.  There’s a cadence about that name that just rolls off the tongue.  So forget about calling him Mike, or Ike or Salty.  That man will forever be called Michael Saltzman….to the point I should really type that name MichaelSaltzman.  Those are my favorite kind of nick names.  Let me know if you don’t get it…or even if you do.  :D

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