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Nicole's Profile

Nicole is a Michigan native currently living in Los Angeles. She is a multi-tasker, she loves her family, enjoys writing and is sort of strange. Follow her on Twitter @nGoddeyne.

Natalie Escobedo Photography

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January 11th, 2011

nat4 585x325 Natalie Escobedo Photography

Girl’s got swag!

Natalie Escobedo is a freelance photographer born and raised in Chicago. While Natalie dabbles in all kinds of photography, she likes portraiture and taking band photos the most. She’s shot bands such as Hellogoodbye, Good Old War, Hanson and Taking Back Sunday and her work has been featured in AP Magazine. She recently took time away from blustery Chicago to come to LA and shoot some photos. In the future she’s looking to tour with a band and photo-document the trip. [ Continue Reading ]

Kristen June

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October 6th, 2010

kjune12 527x400 Kristen June

Ms. Kristen June would be honored to photograph your old dusty candle holders, the chipped paint on your garage, and your crippling old dog. [ Continue Reading ]

Libby Booth <3

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September 1st, 2010

Libby Booth 3 298x400 Libby Booth <3Don’t even try to tell me Libby Booth‘s paintings aren’t completely adorable, because I won’t listen. [ Continue Reading ]


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August 19th, 2010

katie s poofskirts 378x400 POOFskirts?

Wouldn’t want to forget to wear a pair of undies with this skirt.

A woman named Katie Anne, based out of Portland, custom-makes each skirt, dubbed “POOFskirt” by hand and sells them on her Etsy page.  The belts are made of soft leather and she ensures on her Tribe profile that each “poof” is securely fastened and the skirts are very bouncy. She also sells other POOF accessories to accentuate the skirt, as if it doesn’t do that on its own. [ Continue Reading ]

DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! by Auto-Tune the News

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August 13th, 2010

0 DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! by Auto Tune the NewsThe “Double Rainbow” video is currently a smash hit on the Internetz; we all love the stunned man’s voice as he describes the absolute miracle of a double and a possible triple rainbow for three and a half minutes. Since, many videos have been posted re-making, mocking, or copying the Double Rainbow phenomenon video, but the best I’ve seen so far is on schmoyoho‘s YouTube page. The page features songs by Auto-Tune the News, a group by The Gregory Brothers that creates auto-tuned catchy songs out of funny news stories. Check out the auto-tuned version and the original video below. [ Continue Reading ]

Fruit ‘n’ Veggie Art!

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July 29th, 2010

fruitsvegs03 Fruit n Veggie Art!This orange is mighty upset about something!

Saxton Freymann is an author, painter and a fruit and veggie carver? He was born in Michigan (representin’ the Mitten!), went to college in Massachusetts and currently resides in the Big Apple with his family. I’ve only recently discovered his art; he personified this food a few years ago. He doesn’t seem to have his own website (wtfz dude get with the times), but regardless, his art is cutezies. How long does he get to keep the carvings until they start rotting and smelling? [ Continue Reading ]

Take a moment to swoon over Swoon

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July 13th, 2010

swoon 05 532x400 Take a moment to swoon over Swoon

Graffiti is much more than spray paint and over-sized letters now-a-days. [ Continue Reading ]

Can I live here?

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July 8th, 2010

food6 585x352 Can I live here?

Is Carl Warner wasteful or innovative? [ Continue Reading ]

Welcome to the west coast

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July 6th, 2010

OCFF Logo + URL 585x175 Welcome to the west coastThe logo pretty much says it all.

I’ve recently moved from New England to all the way out here in Los Angeles and quickly started browsing for fun summer events, and thought I’d share one with you guys since it fits with the theme of me moving to a new area.

LA’s Outdoor Cinema Food Fest (OCFF) begins July 10 at [ Continue Reading ]

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