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Hello Everyone, My name is Ingrid, and I live in Montreal... I just pretty much moved here from sunny Miami Beach, FL, but contrary to what some might think I enjoy the cold a lot better than I do the Heat! I am excited about the idea of exploring Montreal, and everything this city has to offer. I was a Music student in the US, but I have noticed that beyond a passion for Music, I have a passion for the arts. I have been performing since I could walk and talk, and well the rest is just history... talking led to singing, which led to dancing, which led to performing at random places.... and then inspiration hit me to convert thoughts into words. As I started reading more I felt I had more things to say myself, and so I would write short stories, poems, and a lot of lyrics. I was raised in Miami Beach, and we all know that it is the party center of the US.... I love the social scene, going out dancing, dealing with good looking people, and having a good time with friends at the beach, but I am also glad I finally got to move to a different city with a whole new culture to be explored. Wherever I go there is never a dull moment, I am bringing the Miami party spirit everywhere I go.

“Sorry I’m Late” This took him a while to make.

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February 10th, 2010

sorry im late 585x329 Sorry Im Late This took him a while to make.What do you get if you have a bunch of pillows, stuff animals, toy cars, and other random household items as the set for a short animation? Well, if you are Tomas Mankovsky then you are likely to make one heck of an intricate short!

[ Continue Reading ]

When Imagination Defies Reality

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February 5th, 2010

28012010029594200126469 585x366 When Imagination Defies Reality

Picasso was once credited to saying that “Everything you can imagine is real”. Well, I myself believe in the concept of creating reality with your thoughts, however, I sure hope some of the creatures from Thomas Mangold’s CGI photographs are not harvested in some lab anytime soon. [ Continue Reading ]

It’s a Beautiful Planet

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February 3rd, 2010

Traunsee 585x394 Its a Beautiful Planet

I don’t want to sound gloomy, but it is a pity that our beautiful planet is suffering because of our greedy ways. Helmut Ditsch is not an environmentalist; he is simply a painter, but he is able to capture part of the glory nature has to offer in his works of arts. [ Continue Reading ]

Go Ahead… Judge The Books By Their Covers

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January 29th, 2010

stilkey2 1 300x400 Go Ahead... Judge The Books By Their Covers

The only time when it is completely acceptable to judge a book by its cover is when the book has been used as a canvas for an artist. Mike Stilkey has always been attracted to painting on old record covers, vintage paper, and yep you guessed it right… books. [ Continue Reading ]

Alexis Marcou- Less is More

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January 25th, 2010

Alexis Marcou artwork 559x400 Alexis Marcou  Less is More

For designer and illustrator Alexis Marcou, less is definitely translated into more. Marcou’s works are filled with life, however, it is all accomplished by recreating an 80’s minimalist retro look with a contemporary twist. [ Continue Reading ]

Ready, Set, Wait? Countdown Traffic Light Concept

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January 19th, 2010

image 04 600x445 539x400 Ready, Set, Wait? Countdown Traffic Light Concept

There is no denial that driving can be very stressful; especially if you live in the big city. However, Designer Damjan Stankovic might have found a solution to diminish the uneasiness of driving. The solution is no other than a countdown traffic light concept named Eko. [ Continue Reading ]

Beyond Photorealism- When Paintings Come To Life

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January 18th, 2010

smirk 534x400 Beyond Photorealism  When Paintings Come To Life

Make no mistake, for this image staring right at you is no photograph. This image was painted by hand, by the very talented NY based painter Alyssa Monks. Depending on the size resolution in which the image is being displayed on your computer, it is very easy to think her wonderful intricate paintings are simple photographs taken during a very intimate moment; but they reveal to be even more disturbingly real (some of her paintings can be over 6ft high!) [ Continue Reading ]

Nick Lepard- Face to Face

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January 13th, 2010

01 Lepard Matutinal 324x400 Nick Lepard  Face to Face

To this young artist a portrait is not a representation of somebody since it only portraits a mere moment of a person that exists through time, however, Nick Lepard definitely has the ability to intrigue a viewer with his raw portraits. He gained notoriety in Vancouver with his large-scale self-portraits and portraits of friends. Born in 1983, this Vancouver artist accomplished his first solo exhibition fresh out of school in 2008 at the Diane Farris Gallery, a gallery that has been representing Lepard since the summer of 2006 when he had his first group exhibition. [ Continue Reading ]

Ivo Mayr- Just Hanging around

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January 7th, 2010

IPA 533x400 Ivo Mayr  Just Hanging around

Never mind the old fashioned psychological drawing tests developed to test people’s common sense when looking at the German photographer Ivo Mayr’s photographs, because he would most definitely fail. The settings are nothing more than ordinary, however his playful images places people in the most unusual of places. He gave a whole new meaning to the expression “I’m just hanging around”. [ Continue Reading ]

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