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The name's Jason and there's nothing much to it. I enjoy photography and walks in the park. Need I say more?


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March 14th, 2010

5 241x400 Ranko

When I look at this illustration, I am in awe. Pure emotions run through me as I see a mixture of innocence and destruction. The children looking at the remains of what could be their home, destroyed what may have been, due to war or some sort of natural disaster. Either way illustration is emotionally captive and inspiring even with its feeling of despair.

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Crossing Line

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September 30th, 2009

l 49c39727766c4fddbb7af3b0d52e6731 573x400 Crossing LineDuring my time scouring Youtube for a source of entertainment that isn’t Philip De Franco (otherwise known as SxePhil) or The Station, I found this interesting video from the post-rock band, The Sea and Cake. [ Continue Reading ]

Javier Alvarado

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September 29th, 2009

d7 309x400 Javier Alvarado

Digital manipulation has always been something of an interest to me,  yet I don’t have the; time, patience and creativity to edit a picture in such away. I lack inspiration so to speak, probably the reason I’m having a total mind block in ways of being inspired.

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Peugeot Concept

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September 28th, 2009

peugeot bb1 585x371 Peugeot Concept

What happen’s when you combine a scooter, a Peugeot and from what it seems, Frankenstein’s monster? You get this beaut! The BB1 is a newly designed concept created by Peugeot which is bound to catch the eye of the audience. [ Continue Reading ]

R2D2 Turned into a gaming shrine

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September 24th, 2009

r2 d2 console casemod edit 387x400 R2D2 Turned into a gaming shrine

Star Wars fans and old school gamers alike, prepare to be amazed as R2D2 not only plays S.O.S messages for Obi Wan but now plays games from the older generation consoles! PopSci reader Brian De Vitis;  engineering student, fellow nerd and (in my opinion) absolute legend had taken his old R2D2 cooler and constructed it into a gaming machine. By adding  a sound system, rearranging the inputs  and adding a projector in the dome of the droid, he has given new life to this old tin can. [ Continue Reading ]

Look at what DaHouseCat dragged in!

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September 23rd, 2009

Hey there!

Pleased to meet you all my fellow bloggers. The name’s Jason and it’s nice to meet you all! There’s not much that you should know about me, I’m a general nerd with an interest in photography. Having just come from college into the real world, I have to face a world where I can’t roll my 12-sided dice and defeat the problems that I come across in everyday life.  My humor is bad and my nervous disposition is worse but either way I am looking forward to bringing you posts about what inspires me.

See you around!