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Brilliant Toronto-based female who knows a thing or two about the artistic world. Or.. She likes to think so anyway. Some form of student, some form of writer, some form of artist. Basically: brilliant.

Ze Frank::Chillout Song

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August 25th, 2010

zefrank2 Ze Frank::Chillout Song Ze Frank, a varied and talented ‘art-doer’, compiled tracks of various (and sometimes tone deaf) people singing the chorus of a song he wrote for one lonely and blue woman that had just moved to a new city, seeking refuge in someone/something that could give her a new hope for the future. [ Continue Reading ]

Who Now?

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August 20th, 2010

 Who Now?So who is this ‘ck’ character?! (Someone [apparently] who believes a couple initials are enough to fill in this name business…) Just another art junkie who meanders in the worlds of writing in third person and addictions to colors that flow and lines that soothe. Anything to create symbolism! Anything whose initial introduction sends your logical mind on a irrational trip through the subconscious! [ Continue Reading ]

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