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Attention Trekkies: Set your faces to stunned

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May 4th, 2009

star trek enterprise art model project 4 700x305 585x254 Attention Trekkies: Set your faces to stunned

All I can say is, this might be what William Shatner’s wet dreams look like.

As everyone surely knows by now, there is a new Star Trek movie which will be acting as a ‘reboot’ of the original series. On the sad side, this means that there will be no Patrick Stewart. On the plus side, we get to revisit the days when Captain James Tiberius Kirk made bestiality cool (think about it. He was having sex with members of other species. Sure, they were human-ish and intelligent, but does that change the fact that what he was doing is illegal in 47 states?) Personally, as a closet Treckie, I’m extremely excited, especially as the movie is being made by my hero, JJ Abrams. He’s the creator of Lost, the best thing to happen to your television since HD porno. I’m gonna see this movie just in case he randomly decides to explain the smoke monster in a movie that has zero to do with the show. Knowing Lost, this is not entirely unfeasible.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, some of the best and brightest pop-artists have re-made the Enterprise in their own vision. The models are based on the original that was created for the movie by Industrial Light and Magic. Seeing as how ILM is the baby of George ‘Jar Jar Binks’ Lucas, I’m going to take this as a sign that the ages old ‘Trek vs Wars’ debate has finally been settled. The verdict? Both are nerd-tastically awesome.

My personal favourites were the roller skate and the happy-face 50′s hot rod, but I think we can all agree, these are all amazing takes on an iconic image.

via Cyanatrendland

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