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Art imitating life?

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May 26th, 2009

smith 1 585x390 Art imitating life?

Behold the scene above. The naked dead lady looks like my grandmother’s pincushion. Minus the nipples, of course. And I know it’s a funeral scene, but is it me or is it really cute? It’s like the Muppet Show meets Six Feet Under, or “The Death of Raggedy-Ann.” Adam Parker Smith is the mastermind behind this coolness, in case you were wondering.

I browsed some of Smith’s work, and I’m not crazy about his 2008-2009 work. The above piece dates back to 2006 and I love the way the artist uses dolls in ordinary, everyday scenes. The pieces are supposed to be “populated by subjects pulled from the fertile environment of my fears and longings, polluted with filth, obsessions, crushes, jealousy and grace,” as explained on the artist’s site. That killed it for me. I just thought they were cute. Now they’re supposed to be intense and polluted with filth.

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