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Art Bikes by Todd Kundla

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January 26th, 2011

jwj kundla bikes 227 461x400 Art Bikes by Todd KundlaBeing an avid biker, I was very happy to find out about Todd Kundla. While working for a moving company Todd entered a New Belgium Brewing Co.’s “What’s Your Folly?” contest. The result is what you see on your screen.In his spare time after work, putting together art bikes is his thing. Currently he has more than 25 bikes already built and all rideable. He even lets people ride them – “The best part is watching people figure out how to ride them. One of the bikes has a set of castors on the front and a spring that elongates. If you lean into it, it pushes the handlebars way out.”

jwj kundla bikes 270 Art Bikes by Todd Kundla

Todd reminds of an artist who is simply bored with what we currently have. There are so many objects in today’s world which haven’t been redesigned for ages. Surely the reason for this is because they work. So why change/fix anything that already works? Well, in my opinion, we as human beings need to progress and improve, it is in our nature (ex. Todd) It is worth a try, worst thing can happen is we fail and revert back to what works.

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  • Pam

    I teach 5th grade in the state of Florida.  Today our Scholastic News had an article about Todd and his amazing bikes. we spent time on our laptops checking these out.  It was quite a treat for the kids.