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An Ink In Time

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August 7th, 2009

ink2 550x378 An Ink In Time

Oscar Diaz
establishes an ink-able technique to watch the days pass.  One often thinks that time flies.  Not the case if you are staring at this bad boy.

This self-updated calendar slowly fills the embossed numbers daily with ink.  The ink absorbs into paper overcoming each number with color to represent the passing of one day.   There is even a color spectrum that correlates to the various months.  Diaz uses a standard called D65 to measure  such color temperature.  For hotter months, think warmer colors: vibrant red or an ostentatious orange.  For the months where we have to bundle up, cooler hues are used: a brisk blue or gaunt gray.

It sort of gives one a new vista on how to perceive time.  Where can I get one?

via Fubiz

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