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April 13th, 2009

iris van herpen 13 All Hail IRIS VAN HERPEN

Iris Van Herpen‘s creations can in no way be squeezed into a neat little box labled FASHION. She hails from the Netherlands and reaches far beyond convention. So much so, that at her Fall/Winter 2009 runway shows  during Fashion Week featured barefoot models; shoes that would be worthy of her outfits have yet to be created. Her pieces are entirely hand made using leather, chains, lace and metal studs. Despite having used the usual ingredients for fetishistic garbs, the result is more ‘intergalactic couture.’ Far better to look at than they would ever be to wear, they definitely push some boundaries.  Enjoy.

via Kanye University

  • Roos

    Just a tiny little detail.. Iris is a she.. Not a ‘he’ ;)

  • admin

    Fixed! Thanks Roos!