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Adding a bit of flavor.

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March 30th, 2009

theme motoi yamamoto 07 266x400 Adding a bit of flavor.  There’s a certain artistic philosophy that in this century every piece of art in any form is some sort of off shoot of an idea that’s already been thought/done. People who believe this clearly have not seen the work of Motoi Yamamoto. Don’t quote me on this, but last I checked nobody before has created such elaborate canvases while using…salt. That’s right. The work you see here consists of 100% pure saline. Yamamoto’s work is featured in the latest issue of Theme magazine and then was brought to our attention by the folks over at Booooooom.When you see a small portion of the work up close it doesn’t look that impressive but more like something that could have been created by someone in middle school with a glue stick and some glitter. But when you step and look at the whole you see not only is it incredibly elaborate but also very carefully thought and aesthetically beautiful.  Not to draw any comparisons considering my opening statement but…this is what would have happened if you took away Keith Haring’s paints and instead gave him an economy sized container of Morton’s. If nothing else, you have to admire Yamamoto’s diligence and patience as they may in fact qualify him for sainthood.

via Booooooom