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My name is Misha. Live in Brooklyn, NY. Love everything creative...

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"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you do criticize them you'll be a mile away and you'll have their shoes." - Jack Handey

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I am an internet junkie that loves the art world, blogging, and designing brand identities. Having a great appreciation for all things creative, I have surrounded myself with brilliant artists, photographers and writers—always seeking out inspiration and uniqueness…

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I read stories about the hard-boiled in streets of noir and sewer steam. It makes smoking seem cool. I read ancient samurai thoughts and philosophies. It makes me think I know something. I straddle with no seemed bias to feel like 007.I drive at four in the morning to feel like the desert. I watch TV and movies. I am Mr. White. I am Brock Samson. I am Private Joker. I dream of illusions. They make me black and white and neon. I talk delusions and smile when the sleepy sun paints the sky in cherry and tangerine, reminding me of wonderful things.

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Laura Beeston is (another) Montreal-based artfag blogger, posting in between working towards a B.A. in journalism and editing at The Link, Concordia’s independent weekly newspaper. Attempting to master French in the process, she eagerly anticipates art reporting will force her from the office and onto the mean/sexy/inspiring ’scene’ consistently shaking down 514. Wild eyed and lipstick smeared, Laura has also been known to organize and perform burlesque, and has a karaoke alter ego.

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I’ve been a loyal follower of Artistic Things since I found it online several months ago. This blog has opened my world to styles and genres of art which I might not have ventured into all by my lonesome. What I found over time was that it was more than just the style of art which kept me coming back week after week. It was, what I’d like to call , my tour guides (a.k.a. bloggers). Each one of them brings their own unique perspective while still allowing me to see the art from my point of view. I really dig that ! So, one fine day I decided that I wanted to be one of “them” and so, Voila! Here I am!!

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Nicole is a Michigan native currently living in Los Angeles. She is a multi-tasker, she loves her family, enjoys writing and is sort of strange. Follow her on Twitter @nGoddeyne.

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Teresa is a freelance writer living in a small Ontario town. She's a wife, mother of two and yoga enthusiast.

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I was named Porsche Simpson. Although I have an uncle that’s a famous actor, O.J. Simpson is not him. I know what you’re thinking…damnit! You want to know something…I love to write. I believe that writing is in my blood. So much that I didn’t cry as a baby, I jst wrote my ranting down “wah wah.” I’m really cool in person and I hope to exude that through my writing. If I don’t, I am sorry.

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You can follow me on Twitter @WordsAreFood

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My name is Jasmine, people like to call me Jazzy and I don’t particularly hate it, so the nick name stuck.

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Brilliant Toronto-based female who knows a thing or two about the artistic world. Or.. She likes to think so anyway. Some form of student, some form of writer, some form of artist. Basically: brilliant.

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I am a fiiiiiiiish.

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