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A bird… It’s a Plane…. It’s…

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March 9th, 2011

rmoto 03 A bird... Its a Plane.... Its...

It was innocent enough, taking a jog on the nice spring evening — the air crisp and the skies fading into night. Suddenly, you feel like you have the chills — but it really isn’t that cold outside… As you stop to turn the music down on your ipod, a creepy feeling comes over you — your heart beats louder, your eyes open wider — your feet frozen… slowly you turn…

And release a HUGE exhale as you realize that – ‘Oh — it’s just the Ghost Seat Superbike — aka VECTRIX!’

Designed by Erik Holmen, Rob Brady and a powerhouse of manufacturing partners, Vectrix’s “R Moto” electric  superbike, with it’s  state-of-the-art clean technology, was unveiled to the public in 2007. Boasting a motor and batteries instead of a traditional engine and fuel tank, this green vehicle takes environmental design to a whole new aesthetic level — Clean, Green and kinda Mean — zero-emission, high performance.  One can only imagine what the other kids will think when pull up to school on this ride… Big Man on Campus.

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