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999-hp Corvette Mallett Z03

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April 23rd, 2009

usd corvette mallet z03 1 999 hp Corvette Mallett Z03

Ever wanted to have  car that has more horse power than some air planes? If you do, then this is your lucky break, introducing the 999 horsepower Corvette Mallet Z03. Designed by  The Ugur Sahin, donning all-carbon fiber bodywork, the Z03 has the sleek, retro-inspired looks to match. There are actually two version that will be up for sale, the modest 700-hp version and the big boy 999-hp. Prices going up to $69,000 suprisingly it actually seems affordable. Only 100 will be made, no information on when they will be available, but do keep an eye out for it at the New York Auto Show.

via StyleCrave

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