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9 Questions with… The Catalyst

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June 18th, 2009

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I’m used to feeling quite safe whenever Matt Bailie is around. As one of the doormen at well known Montreal watering hole MadHatters (slogan: The Best Dive in Town!), Matt is charged with protecting drunken morons (i.e. me) from themselves and other equally inebriated patrons. So when I first heard his band The Catalyst, I was a bit shocked.  You can’t help the uneasy, ominous feeling that develops in your gut as a result of their ultra heavy sound. Drums pound with an almost inhuman ferocity, while discordant guitars chug out machine gun rhythms and virtuoso-level leads. All this is topped with Bailie’s tortured howls and (let’s face it) downright scary grunts. Proving that our music scene is more than pansy-asses with tight jeans, bad haircuts and limp wrists, The Catalyst brings the metal like few others, combining the intricacy and melody of early Metallica and Pantera with the death metal vocals and breakdowns of New Wave of American Heavy Metal bands like Lamb of God. But enough from me. Here’s bassist Mike Marino, telling you what the metalheads of need to know.

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Name, rank and serial number.

Mike, Bass Player, I don’t eat cereal.

Describe your sound, using 5 words or less.

brutal, thrash, death, metal

Describe your sound, using 20 words or more.

Kind of a hybrid of old school thrash, with some modern death metal leanings. We all kind of come from different musical backgrounds so we have a lot of influences in our sound.

Tell us something about your band that would surprise our readers.

We’re all ninjas….

Most memorable moment?

Recording our debut album, opening for Edguy at Club Soda

Moment you’d most like to forget?

Moment? HA! Try a whole year that we went through utter hell finding a permanent drummer, thankfully our buddy Simon from the Agonist filled in that whole time, thanks again man!

What does the future hold?

Our album is just about done, we’ll be shopping it around relentlessly, and touring like mad, so stay tuned to our site ( for tour dates and all updates concerning The Catalyst

Once again, 10 words or less: Why should the readers of check you out?

Appeals to those who like true brutal music, no trends

Any last words?

See you on the road!

That’s it for this edition. Like Mike said, The Catalyst have a ton of shows coming up, more than I can list here. Check their myspace for deets, and in the words of my 2 favourite Hesher Metalheads ‘Go out and give’r!’

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