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360 Days of Apertures and Ink

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April 12th, 2009

ai 6 585x248 360 Days of Apertures and Ink

We all like to challenge ourselves. Look at the wild success of NaNoWriMo, for example – hundreds of writers, coming together for thirty whole days, to create … a book. It’s epic, right? Now take that, whiddle it down to two, and spread it out over a whole year… and you have Apertures and Ink.

Two artists, Lauren Smyth and David Mercer, from the little island of Newfoundland, have hunkered down to each create a piece of art per day for an entire year… starting on September 3, 2008. Well, only a few months remain, and the project has changed and morphed over time, but it’s still going strong. The artists post their creations on their own blog, Apertures and Ink, for friends, family, and the larger artistic community to keep up with their progress. Follow them along to the finish line… and let their determination inspire you, dear artist. Over and out.