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1000 Journals

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October 7th, 2010

1000journals 1000 Journals
1000 Journals are traveling around the world, falling into various hands from various places. The outcome? One thousand journals written, painted, drawn, sketched, pasted and whatever have you, by the universal population of our dearest planet Earth.

Officially launched in August 2000, 100 journals were sent out from San Francisco. Given to friends, strangers, left in cafes, stores, etc. The point? To delve into our lost creativity. To connect. To share our lives and mix all of our experiences into one adventure, one epic story that everyone can relate to.

If you want to join the project, apparently you have a higher chance of winning the lottery than getting your hands on one of these babies. Lo and behold, another project has started: 1001 Journals. You can participate in 1001 Journals by either starting and sending out a journal, or adding to one. Updating the types of journals to: traveling (just like the first project), local (remains at a local cafe or bookstore for people to add to as they please within the building) and personal (updating your own personal journal and scanning the images/text onto the site).

The project was turned into a documentary in 2007 for those of you who are purely interested in the spectator sport instead of hands-on engaging. The trailer may be seen below.
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