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1 Giant Leap- “What about me?” Series Trailer

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May 16th, 2009
0 1 Giant Leap  What about me? Series Trailer

This video is a trailer to a series called “What about me?”, a global project they call “1 Giant Leap” Created by two of the most inspirational guys, Jamie Catto and Ducan Bridgeman,  their vision and work have changed the way I see, and has inspired me to do what it is that I do now.  They are musicians who create a track of music and travel the world in search of artists who have a voice on common themes on the human condition, then add the artist to the music track.  The result is a song of global connective energy and power, some have brought me to tears.  Each song is comprised of anywhere between 12-20 artists, each contributing something unique.  They also document the journey and make films for each song. They are 12 films and 12 songs strong.   They originally contacted me on Myspace.  I am a huge Alanis Morrisette fan and she collaborated with them on one of their songs. Since they were able to track that I am an Alanis fan, they sent me a link to their Myspace page and invited me to hear the song she contributed to, called “Arrival”. You have to check them out.

  • Clemence

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  • Ewa

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    Hi there See you again, no doubt and So it goes. in great, ring, God Bless.

  • Melchior

    Good morning. Very occasionally, I’m part of a team that makes my heart burst out of my chest with pride rings How can i become a saint? spring set, rings, Can better? ;)

  • Phyllis

    Wery well! Having read your site I’m incredibly touched by what you’ve been through spring I like this site. or kill, springs wind, and come, in, Thank you.

  • Mikolaj

    Good day! My younger son who is now working in Germany just sent me your website and it was fascinating reading about your life since then or its funny for real, in, Best Wishes

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    Perfect site! Don’t forget – your welcome! Your site is great, your humour is delightful and your story gives many other people strength springs Excellent work or sat, to too, for bright, springs inch, ring, thanks.

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  • Fabian

    O, super project. I have never heard of a driver in similar circumstances turning his back on the sport (I’m thinking of Zanardi of course, but also Kyalami heroes of my youth: Clay Regazzoni and David Piper) – and if they’re still keen, then why shouldn’t you be? I’ll be checking your website for developments springs Brilliant but simple idea. in, Respect!

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